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Where To Find Our Products

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Made in Muskoka
Friday December, 9th - Sunday December, 11th
Sutherland Hall, 30 High Street, Huntsville, Ontario

Crafted Muskoka Holiday Arts Market
Saturday December, 10th - Sunday December, 11th
Muskoka Forgery, 101 Entrance Drive, Bracebridge, Ontario


The Great Vine

36 Main St. East
Huntsville, Ontario

Sustain Eco Store
2-114 Main Street East
Huntsville, ON, P1H 1K6

Muskoka Natural Foods Market
505 Hwy 118
Bracebridge, Ontario

The Pasta Shoppe by Beat the Wheat
10 Manitoba Street
Bracebridge, Ontario

The Herbal Dispensary & Clinic
409 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

All products produced for Wild Muskoka Botanicals are made with the highest quality ingredients. Herbs are wildcrafted from wilderness areas or certified organic. Ingredients are sourced from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers that hold the values of care the earth and care of people at their core.

We produce a line of unique culinary products to bring the flavor of the wild Muskoka landscape easily into your kitchen. Products include:

Elderberry Syrup

Our best selling product, Elderberry syrup is a mix of wildcrafted Black Elderberries, immune supporting herbs, and local honey. This winter tonic is delicious, effective, and safe for everyone to use during cold and flu season.


Shrubs are an old time colonial style drink mix of fruit, sugar and vinegar. We use our wild infused apple cider vinegar, local fruit and organic cane sugar to craft high quality and delicious concentrated drink mix. Mixed with sparkling water they make wonderful sodas or cocktail mixers.

-Strawberry-Sumac Shrub
-Aronia-Pine Shrub
-Bluberry-Spruce Shrub
-Cranberry-Spruce Shrub


Bitters are a traditional cocktail ingredient and health tonic made of bitter and aromatic herbs steeped in alcohol. In cocktails, bitters provide depth and flavor the way salt and pepper does in culinary dishes. Traditional bitter herbs also support digestion and the liver. Our bitters bring together herbal tradition and modern mixology.

-Forest Fire Bitters: Charred Cedar
-Citrus + Roots: Dandelion & Lemon
-Rock Barren: Cranberry & Juniper
-Spiced Maple: Sarsaparilla & Cardamom

Spice Mixes

Our spice mixes are a blend of wildcrafted plants, organic herbs and high quality sea salts and organic sugars to provide unique flavor for your favorite dishes.

-White Pine & Rosemary Roasting Salt
-Wild Salt (Spruce Tip, Wild Leek & Sweet Gale Seasoning Salt)
-Muskoka Za'atar (Sumac & Herb Seasoning Mix)
-Nettle Gomasio (Nettle & Toasted Sesame Seasoning Mix)
-Spruce Tip Sugar (Spruce Tips & Sugar Dessert Topping)

Infused Vinegar

Wildcrafted herbs are infused in the best organic apple cider vinegar for use in all types of salad dressings, marinades, or any recipe calling for vinegar. We use only Filsinger's Organic Apple Cider to create a purely local product.

-Wild Leek
-Spruce Tip
-White Pine
-Wildfire: Onion, garlic, horseradish, hot pepper, ginger, turmeric, balsam fir, thyme


Fresh harvested seasonal wild foods are safely prepared in a delicious standard garlic pickling brine for an interesting addition to your pickle tray, charcuterie board, or Cesar. Great conversation starters or gift for the foodie!

-Milkweed Pod Pickles